What is a BoujAche?

BoujAche Chronicles are bitchings about things that are an unreasonable pain in my blessed American ass.

There we were, in my kitchen having a whine and cheese night lamenting that my friend’s jaunt through Europe conflicted with the ski trip I wanted her to come on with me.  Our other friends were coming all the way from Hawaii for a week of snowboarding days and hot tub nights and missing it for any reason, even backpacking through Europe, was unacceptable.  That’s when I coined it… “What a BoujAche.  I can’t even.”

She took a double take, “BoujAche”?

So yes, BoujAche is our new word for bitching about things that are an unreasonable pain in my blessed American ass.

HISTORY LESSON ALERT! (but stay with me, I’m going somewhere with this).  The French Bourgeoisie (I shit you not, this word in German was bürger!) was the term set aside for those who had crawled their way out of the proletariat poor people ranks into the “new money” middle class to then employ those same poor people they used to cohabitate with.  This was ALL made possible by capitalism.  No longer were you simply a have or a have not and this was an unwelcome challenge to the indignant haute aristocracy who had been ruling the masses as they saw fit for hundreds of years.  It led to the French Revolution among other movements in Europe and was the bain of Karl Marx’s existence.  You see, I’m a libertarian, so this kind of thing both fascinates me and brings me great joy.  So if I can be anything, I want to be self-awarely boujee (the millennial term for being of or like the bourgeoisie is boujee).  So great, we agree, I’m boujee and since I am also a sentient human, I like to complain from time to time.  In fact, I do my best self-improvement and inventive brainstorming while in an inflamed bitching state.  So BoujAching works for me.  Maybe it will work for you too.  Please send me your BoujAches so that I can make more BoujAche swag for my site (tshirts, hats, mugs, cell phone covers, you know, swag).  Here’s why:

I’ve been wanting to start blogging for a while now and what a better place to start chatting with you about American politics, yummy food recipes (to increase your Bouj-quotient, of course) and life in general than with full acknowledgment that the forthcoming bellows lamenting my heartfelt struggles of small business owning, stay-at-home-moming, military wifing are just that, a BoujAche.  To offset my Bouj-footprint (see what I did there with carbon-footprint?), I will be donating 50% of all profits from my BoujAche gear that I make and sell here on BoujAche.com to O.U.R. (Operation Underground Railroad) which is a non-profit organization on the ground all over the world combating sex and labor slavery and human trafficking of the 30 million slaves currently on our planet.  Please check them out and donate to their righteous cause today!  I am in no way affiliated with O.U.R. except as a supporter and HUGE proponent of their amazing work.  Let’s pay it forward, y’all!

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Marianne Abell

I'm a homeschool mom, Army Wife, and small business owner by day and blogger by night. My writings are (or are meant to be) classically liberal (aka libertarian), Christian biased and middle class by default.

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