Are Army Brats the Best Defenders of Your 2A Rights?

What do our Army Brats have to do with the second Amendment? Well, did you know that our constant shuffling of American troops is unique among militaries across the globe? Yep, we have THE Army Brats. In most countries, their military units are geographically cohesive. In other countries, when you go to enlist and your buddy from down the street goes with you, you will be assigned together, to the unit from your area. You won’t need to leave home while you are in the service unless you are deployed. Once again, together, with your buddy and you will stay with that unit for the duration of your career. As a U. S. Army wife of nearly 15 years and mother of three Army Brats, that sounds positively DREAMY. My children would live a normal life (minus deployments) without wondering who they were going to say goodbye to next and whether their new school would have a spot for them on the soccer team. I wouldn’t live with minimalistic modular furniture, just in case we have to go back overseas and our next living room is once again the size of a shoebox. My garage wouldn’t be stacked to the ceiling with labeled footlockers and rubbermaid totes that can be put on a truck at a moment’s notice with the least amount of breakage. I wouldn’t begin to know what it was LIKE to walk into a PTO meeting alone and feel like my strange voice would never be heard by these parents who have adorable kindergarten memories of the other parents’ children in the room. I wouldn’t trip over myself unpacking my house to perfection in 2 weeks because taking 6 months like a normal human would be a quarter of our time at every duty station spent in boxes! HEAVEN!! My husband wouldn’t deploy with a different group of battle buddies every time he went down range and his 15 years in, would have helped him to personally get to know each of the people he serves with and their families. MAN! That life sounds AMAZING! Sigh.

Instead, we do the Army tango. We switch to a new unit every 2 years (three if you are lucky and get stationed overseas). Not only are we switching, but so is everyone around us. There are constant “Hail and Farewells” to take part in (the traditional Army ‘hello-and-goodbye’ party). We try to do one every other month or so to welcome and say “see you later” to troops and families going in and out of the unit. So this makes sure that EVERY army unit is made up of people from all walks of life from all over the country and in some cases the world. This gives our troops a brotherhood based on their patriotism, not their hometown pride. GENIUS. That patriotism binds them on the battlefield against foreign enemies. But what does it do in the case of, God-forbid, Martial Law and domestic unrest and what does all of this have to do with our constitution?

The 2A (Second Amendment) to our constitution states:

A well-regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.

The Army my husband serves in is IMHO the greatest and most well-trained fighting force the world has ever known. Yet, it intentionally yields it’s power to our right to a well-regulated militia by forfeiting the home field advantage! Armies are the windows to the soul of a nation. If you were going to form a militia, it would naturally be made of local concerned citizens coming together to defend their family and friends against a bloated and tyrannical government. They would have a solid sense of community and cohesive hometown pride that the incoming federal troops could not muster no matter how well-trained they are. THIS is what the 2A (Second Amendment) is about, allowing the little guy to stand as the last line of defense for our precious American exceptionalism that is our FREEDOM. The very fact that you are thinking in your head that a militia isn’t necessary in modern America is proof of that exceptionalism and our need to protect that privilege. The framers didn’t make it unconstitutional to ban U.S. citizens from access to firearms for use in hunting, nor in home defense, nor even in self-defense. The 2A is ONLY and fiercely worded to assure that our right to protect our liberty from tyranny by whatever means necessary SHALL NOT be infringed. This much we’ve heard a million times. The eloquent part that makes me so damn proud to be an American Army wife are these lesser-known humble painstaking steps that our country goes to in intricate honor of our liberty.

So, thank an Army Brat today for sacrificing for your right to keep and bear arms. If you need me I’ll be in the garage adding second amendment labels to our bins to remind me in my brink-of-insanity-moments of Army wife-ing that it’s all worth it. Please share this with someone who may need some of my 2A bin labels.

I Diet for the People Points.

I resurrected my annual-ish quest to lose 30 pounds, 360 hours ago.  I’m currently sitting on my office bed (yes, I have a bed instead of a desk in my office because I don’t run my business from home for no damn reason!) eating boiled eggs and berries with 10 pound shackles around my ankles.  This is not my preferred state of affairs as you may have guessed by my need to lose said 30 elbees.  #BoujAche, I know.

I have made some progress lo these long 360 hours.  I am down 6.9 pounds.  I know what you are thinking, “Marianne, that’s 110.4 ounces which means I’ve lost an ounce every 195 minutes!!”  I know, right?!  ALSO, my jeans are not currently suffocating my love handles like a noose.  I’m gonna call that a win and take a bow.  I’m ROCKING the shit out of this diet.  To be clear, I DO mean to sound like I’m bragging because that gets at my singular motivation to lose the weight… again.  There is not a smaller amount I could care about values of weight loss.  The number I tip the scales at, the number on the inside of my jeans, the number of calories or “points” I consumed today, all asinine.  I only care that my husband seems to be impressed when those numbers are lower than higher and my friends give me kind words of motivation and love when I tell them those numbers are ratcheting down.  Does that make you cringe?  The beautiful horror of honesty.  Let me break it down.  The numbers have no value to me, but the adulation is priceless and addictive.  So here I am, 6.9 pounds down, but it should really read “I’ve reached one ‘you look like the swelling in your face is going down’, two ‘that diet is working for you!’s, and one ‘Congratulations, if I KNOW ANYBODY who can reach a goal it’s you’ on my way towards the endgame of “WOW, you did it!!  Your tenacity is contagious!!”  I recognize that the right thing to say is that I’m losing weight for me, not for anyone else, and that I just want the euphoric feeling of knowing I’m healthier or some bullshit like that.  Here are the brass tacks though: the beautiful fact that I’m 4 People Points ahead of where I was 360 hours ago, is apparently motivation enough to keep these ankle weights puttering around my house and keep the hay and birdseed shoveling into my mouth hole for a few more trips around the clock.  WHY does this kind of extrinsic motivation make people uncomfortable?  Why is motivation only valid if it’s purely intrinsic?  It’s like we’ve replaced the word intrinsic with altruistic.  I do not think that word means what you think it means, people.  I’ll tell you, I’ve done next to nothing in my life for purely personal ends and I have a pretty sweet life.  I’m a loving wife of 14 years, I operate a successful business, I’ve made 3 humans AND kept them alive AND I go to PTO meetings! I’ll give you the shirt off of my back and I ALWAYS have time to help the people who give me People Points… I mean the people I love.  Truly, I HEART MY LIFE.  Don’t get me wrong, I’ve got PLENTY of faults, obvious ones, but I’m not willing to include “losing weight for a socially unacceptable reason” among my actual sins.

Here’s the catch though, I’ve done this all before.  I’ve lost count of how many times I have lost this same 30 pounds.  You see, what I do is I lose the weight through one horrific diet plan or another.  Then, once I get to my goal weight, I start to believe the hype.  I think, I’m a skinny person now!! WAHOO!!  We all know, diets are for fat people.  I don’t need to diet, look at me!!  I then proceed to eat like an actual skinny person with a fantastic God-given freakin Ferrari metabolism.  You know where that drives me and my Subaru 4 banger?  Right back to Fatso Land.  SO here’s what I need.  I need lots of encouragement (People Points) when I’m losing the weight. THEN I need lots of reminders of the hard work (cue the “tenacity” and whatnot) that it took to get there and a mental montage of all those People Points I got along the way.   I need a reminder that I’m actually a fat person impersonating a skinny person.  I know, that’s a lot of NEEDYNESS, but please reference my good qualities above, either that math works for you and we’re friends, or it doesn’t.  So anyway, that’s my goal.  Once I lose this weight, I will FAKE IT TILL I MAKE IT.  I will remain aware that I am a chubby monkey precariously disguised inside my beautiful sexy cirque du soleil costume and the tightrope I’m walking is as thin as my “intrinsic motivation”.  I will be in touch with my inner chubby monkey fat girl.  Please keep her in your prayers!  And throw me an adulating bone once in a while, would you? Thanks in advance. XOXO

I diet for the